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The field of sports medicine is one of the newest and fastest growing medical specialties. There are a few different types of residencies (initial training programs for doctors) that can lead a physician to a sports medicine fellowship. The two primary types of residency programs that train sports medicine fellows is orthopedic surgery and family medicine. These physicians are very different and their training is different as well. 

A surgeon is taught to cut first. Their training focusing on the surgical management of injuries typically incurred while participating in sports. They are taught minimally invasive (arthroscopic) procedures to treat joints like the knee, shoulder, elbow and hip (but they can treat all joints). 

In contrast, a primary care sports medicine physician (like me) are the diagnostic experts. Our training is focused on the non-surgical management of musculoskeletal conditions and on-field management of sports injuries. Ironically, the majority of injuries that occur in sports are non-surgical! Research has shown anywhere between 90-95% of injuries incurred with sports do not require surgery. In addition to that, with a primary care sports medicine doctor’s diagnostic expertise we are often able to assess, image and do confirmatory studies to let you know if you need surgery and we typically do it quicker than the times it takes to get into a surgeon! In my practice we always have same-day or next business day availability!

Sports medicine doctors are also experts in ultrasound guided peripheral joint and tendon injections. Our professional organizations have been the leaders in adapting ultrasound to musculoskeletal use having done it for 20+ years. We also perform many different types of specialized injections and minimally invasive tendon procedures.

With so many options for care you want to make sure you make the most of your time and medical dollars. Having trained primary care physicians and pediatricians for over a decade they just don’t have the time during their training to provide complete sports medicine/musculoskeletal care. You want to choose a provider who does this EVERYDAY and it’s the ONLY thing I’ve practice for my 11+ year career. In order to qualify to be board certified in sports medicine a physician needs to dedicate only 20% of their practice to sports medicine! In my opinion that is insufficient to meet the demands of today’s athletes. When you aren’t practicing sports medicine on a daily basis your skills get rusty and you’re unable to quickly identifier the more challenging conditions. Simply put, if you don’t use it, you lose it. 

I am a very specific type of physician. One that will appropriately diagnose and direct your treat your issue. I provide clear and honest advice. I realize your time is valuable and medical care isn’t cheap. I work with you to develop a care plan that will help you reach your goal. Simply put, I am a sports medicine expert. Not everyone in Toledo is. So please choose the Toledo Clinic Sports Medicine and Dr. J.A. Smith, DO, FAOASM for all your sports medicine and musculoskeletal care needs.